Business and international trade make an important contribution towards human rights. Companies produce products, services and innovations that are crucial to modern society. They provide employment and pay taxes that states use to fund education and health care. Sometimes though, the coin has a flipside: the rights, for example, of children, employees and communities can be infringed on in the global supply chains.

France, Switzerland, the Netherlands and many other countries are already tackling business’s human rights challenges through legislation. Unfortunately, in Finland, there are currently no plans to introduce such legislation. We want Finland to be one of the forerunners in corporate social responsibility. Human rights are too important to be left to corporate discretion alone.

#Ykkösketjuun* is a joint campaign by citizens, civil society organisations, companies and trade unions, coordinated by Finnwatch, an organisation promoting corporate accountability. The campaign is calling for a Finnish law on mandatory human rights due diligence. The law, based on the UN Guiding principles on business and human rights, would oblige companies to map their human rights impacts and to prevent possible negative impacts.

The campaign invites citizens and parliamentary candidates to take part.


As a consumer, I do not want to make purchasing decisions which support business that violates human rights. However, the responsibility for human rights cannot rest on an individual customer. I want Finland’s Parliament to adopt mandatory human rights due diligence legislation that obligates companies to take steps to prevent and minimise their adverse human rights impacts.

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Parliamentary candidates

Should I be elected to Parliament, I commit to advancing mandatory human rights due diligence legislation in Parliament. Such legislation will obligate companies operating in Finland to take steps to prevent and minimise their adverse human rights impacts.

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Companies and organisations

Does your company or organisation believe that respecting international human rights principles benefits everyone? Join the #ykkösketjuun campaign to show your support to mandatory human rights due diligence legislation!

Sign up: info@ykkosketjuun.fi

* ‘Ykkösketjuun’ in Finnish means ‘the first line’ as in the lines in ice hockey. It also includes the Finnish word for a ‘chain’ as in value chain, ‘(arvo)ketju’.